Compromise Assessments

Compromise Assessments are not a “one and done” event.

Compromise Assessments

Traditional cybersecurity solutions fail to identify today’s advanced persistent threats, allowing attackers to go undetected while they move laterally across your systems exfiltrating data and intellectual property.

It is clear that experiencing a cyberattack against your organization is not simply a question of “if” but rather “when.” Achieving cybersecurity readiness requires a new detection and response strategy, one focused on proactively hunting for evidence of existing or past compromise.

A Compromise Assessment is a deep dive technical analysis of the organization’s IT estate in order to answer the simple question: Are you compromised?

Using our expert knowledge of attacker Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) a Compromise Assessment will assess your environment through the eyes of an attacker to look for known signs of malicious activity, providing essential assurance you have not been compromised. In the event there is evidence of a compromise, we will work with your Incident Response team to assist in the response effort – providing access to all relevant data and intelligence, whilst being on hand to advise on containment and eradication strategies. Reducing the impact and risk to the organization whilst protecting your organization.

If Your Organization Was Secure a Year Back, it Doesn’t Mean it is Secure Today

There are many reasons why it is important for organizations to perform periodic cyber security assessments. Today, almost all organizations that hold sensitive data are legally bound to have period cyber security assessments.

Moreover, there are governmental regulations that put forward the cyber defense mechanisms you should have and the standards for assessing organizations for cyber security protections. For example, HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI have made available the standards to be used for protecting sensitive data, networks, and systems.

Organizations that are not legally bound are also recommended to undergo periodic cyber security assessments. This will help identify security loopholes, mitigate the risks, and put precautionary measures in place. Besides satisfying regulators and meeting the industry standards, periodic assessments can help you dig deep into your cyber defense measures and determine whether security has been breached or compromised. It will give you the peace of mind you deserve.


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