Dark Web Searching

Dark Web Searching is not a “one and done” event.

Dark Web Searching

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a portion of the internet based on anonymity. Because it is inaccessible using traditional web browsers, search engines such as Google cannot index the content and make it readily available. The deep web is similarly unindexed by search engines making their content difficult to locate. The difference between the deep and dark web is that the deep web can be accessed using a traditional web browser if you know where to look.
Over 90% of online content is not available through public search engines and only resides in the deep and dark web. These locations have grown to be an area for illicit activity by those who buy and sell personal information, proprietary information and discuss unlawful activities. If you’ve experienced a hack or cyber data breach in the past, there is a chance that your confidential data along with your clients’ information may be on the dark web at this very moment.
Monitoring this new landscape to see what, if any, of your information is out there can be a challenge, but we can help your organization stay abreast to any mention of your organization or its information on the deep and dark web.
The dark component of the deep web is the primary highway for the exchange and commerce among cybercriminal groups. In fact, very few cybercriminals work alone. Eighty percent of cybercrime is linked to criminal collectives, and stolen data-shaped goods surface rapidly on darknet forums and marketplaces following cybersecurity incidents with data loss.
Adapting to these trends is essential. Organizations with the ability to extract threat intelligence from data-mining these elusive online sources can achieve a significant security advantage.

Why Monitor the Dark Web?

Though its uses aren’t exclusively evil, the fact is that the dark web is the place to go to buy and sell new exploits, malware, compromised credentials, social security numbers, and contraband. It’s also a venue to recruit hackers as well as share tools and tutorials about how to hack systems and exploit security vulnerabilities.
Watching out for possible vulnerabilities that may impact your business could give you a head start to prevent a data breach. In cases where you’ve already been hacked, you can also try to determine if your data is being sold.


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