Don’t be an Easy Target!

29% of cyber attempts against small businesses are successful . . . so if you are the target, there is almost a one in three chance you’ll be compromised.  Too small of a business, you say?  43% of all cyber security attacks are against small businesses, so armor up!

Some common types of cyber attacks against law firms can include computer system attacks, malware, business identity theft, phishing, web-based and denial of service (DDoS) attacks. It has the potential to inflict enormous damage to growing businesses, especially those who operate on smaller margins. A business owner rolls the dice if this is not one of their main priorities.

Securing your law firm from cyber attacks

Be Up to Date! Ensuring you are running the latest version of Windows, Mac OS and other software are not only crucial, but essential. These weekly updates are not just patches to make your printer run better, but are often shoring up cyber security vulnerabilities.

The Only Time I Like the Word “Redundant” No more ZIP drives, 8mm back up tapes, etc . . . it is super easy to install a cloud-based back up. So do it! Backing up critical data is not only critical, it is too easy to not do; and is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy.

Don’t be Ignorant  Training needs to be consistent so that your staff protects the vault. It is important that all be regularly trained to be cyber aware of all the low down dirty trick those bad guys try to pull.

Cyber Security Risk Assessments Getting a third party expert to try to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities on at least an annual basis is a no-brainer, and some cyber insurance policies require this.

Ship Shape with Password Protocols Insecure passwords can often be a law firm’s weakest link, so review them. Regularly. Introduce a password policy that forces your employees to change their passwords frequently. There are apps out there to help make this easy.

Parting Shots The threat from cyber security attacks upon legal firms is only going to increase, so get on board and be prepared against cyber-attacks. With just a few simple steps, you can shield your law firm against cyber security attacks.